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  • Fixed reward gain from battles (mostly). Currently no perk bonuses are being incorporated to rewards.
  • Enemies now display a color based on their mob in the enemy list. (Color to right of row in list view, and bottom of card in card view)
  • Critical hits are working again (just a random 1/21 chance for now)
  • Damage ranges have been increased.


New Test Changelog

  • Added chance for normal enemies to spawn as a High Value Target (HVT).
  • Killing a chest no longer counts as a kill.
  • Added random chance to auto-initiate a battle with an enemy when Patrolling.
  • Added a chance for enemies to spawn into mobs. Mobbed enemies are displayed on the battle screen.
  • Enemy enrages are now time-based from when they become enraged.
  • Added label to enrage text instead of just an icon.
  • Converted Super to be a 5min cooldown instead of refreshing at regular time-based intervals. Certain actions decrease cooldown time.
  • Moved level xp bar to top of battle page instead of the right column.
  • Changed XP bar color.
  • Added gear slot to be displayed on the vendor page.
  • Corrected "Praise Their Light" icon on profile page.
  • Reworked how player crit, enemy evade, enemy crit, and enemy cover are decided.
  • Changed refill hp range to be random(+10%, 20%)
  • If enemy is more than 10 levels below, get half rewards. Modify rewards based on level difference within +/-10 levels (An enemy 5 levels below you will give 40% less rewards).
  • Changed enemy list to display ?? if more than 10 levels higher & player is lower than level 99.
  • Added Happy Hour "event" that adds a boost to random perks every hour, and never repeating 2 hours in a row.
  • Changes to Lottery. SC can now be 100-500, and if a player should get glimmer, they have a 20% chance to get SC instead. Lottery Glimmer random range from 1mil-10mil.
  • Added achievements for reaching 99 with each class & for reaching 99 with all 3 classes.
  • Removed Skolas Top 5 damage from enemy info display on kill, and made it whisper the Top 10 to all players in the top 10 & whisper solo damage to 11th plus (only Top 5 gets the previous top 5 bonuses/loot).
  • Added the ability for a player to delete a guardian. Multiple confirmations are required to delete it and it cannot be your active or only guardian.
  • Fixed issue where a player was unable to leave a clan if they had created a different clan.
  • Fixed an issue where a user could create multiple guardians at one time.
  • Added image for 2018 holiday event sparrow.
  • Various CSS/layout fixes & changed many progress bars to be thinner.
  • Fixed spacing issue for bottom and right side of enemy info in the battle screen.
  • Added comma formatting to healed hp display.


Today's Changelog:

  • Being more than 5 levels below an enemy level will no longer make you miss your attacks.


Today's Changelog

  • Clan leaders can no longer leave a clan, unless they are the only member.
  • Fixed a bold issue that introduced itself with the holiday event.

Merry Christmas!


Holiday Event 2018

  • 10 day event
  • Get 1k battles each day to unlock that day's bonus and all previous day's bonus. (Bonuses are only active after getting 1k games)
  • Get 10k battles throughout the event, on all characters, to win a new Special Prize!
  • More secrets for the event will be announced and added as the days go on!
  • Daily Bonuses for reaching 1k battles:
    • Increased drop rate of SC
    • 10 exotic engrams (awarded once per character)
    • 2x XP
    • 20 exotic engrams (awarded once per character)
    • 2x Glimmer
    • 30 legendary engrams (awarded once per character)
    • 2x LP
    • 1.5x Defense
    • 1.5x Attack
    • 2x XP


Today's Changelog:

  • Added Enemy Levels (more info soon to come, no effect right now, just a teaser :))
    • Fighting a ?? enemy means their level is too high, and you will miss every shot unless it's a critical hit.


Today's Changelog:

  • All Wiki pages that are linked through the site wiki are now locked for editing. Please contact any staff member or admin to submit any updates, additions or deletions. We will review and post the changes.
  • Clan wikis are still maintained by their respective owners
  • Fixed a bug where the spinner would appear when battling after skipping a mission if the user had the spinner disabled.
  • Added an icon to the right of the Miscellaneous navigation link to show that there are more options in a collapsed menu


Halloween 2018 Event Drawing

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, hope everyone enjoyed, didn't get too many TRICKS on their loot, & like the shiny new event triumph for participating!

We had 9 players pass the threshold for 100,000 battles during the length of the event:

  • Davidlord - 290,846
  • Whinkell Tate - 215,175
  • VenomousMuse - 188,109
  • wsey54 - 183589
  • MrDondemanz - 168,037
  • IamUnicorn - 135,056
  • OPAQUE - 130,651
  • kNights - 127,151
  • Watch129 - 112,237

With that, our 3 winners, in order of choice are: Davidlord, VenomousMuse, & kNights! For everyone else, we have some free Patreon.

We had to remove the PC Destiny 2 game from the prize pool, because Bungie is currently giving the game out for free to anyone with a account until Nov 18th. Simply log into the client on your PC to redeem the offer.


Today's Changelog:

  • Added 100k & 1mil Special/Heavy Ammo options to the Gunsmith
  • Added a new chat emote for when only "gg" is entered into the chat
  • Fixed an issue where some bot announcements wouldn't appear in the chat
  • Changed Inventory input areas to show the number pad where available



  • Earn XP/Glim/LP Modifiers by playing games
  • Every 3k battles increases modifier 1x (6x Cap & Resets Daily)
  • Chance for TRICK OR TREAT with enemy loot!
  • Play 100k battles Oct 28 through Nov 3 to be entered into the Prize drawing!
    • Destiny 2 Base Game (PC Digital) [Donated by @thekmanpwnudwn]
    • Destiny 2 Base Game (XB1 Physical) [Donated by @yonnor]
    • Assassins Creed: Origins (XB1 Physical) [Donated by @yonnor]
    • Free Patreon Status

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